animal name start with B

If you were to think about all the animals that start with the letter B, you are bound to limit to a minimal list of names. Go on, give it a go. Don’t feel bad if you could hardly remember any more than ten animal names that start with the letter B. You already did better than us. We did a lot of research to find out the names of all the animals that start with ‘B.’

As an extra treat, you can also learn small facts about all those animals. From Babirusa to Buzzard, here are all of the animals that start with the letter ‘B’


The babirusa is a member of the artiodactyl swine family known for its mammoth tusks, which gives it almost a pre-historic look. Their curved tusks grow so much that it is common for them to pierce their skins with it. They are found all over Wallacea (a group of islands, mostly Indonesian, separated by deep straits from both Australia and mainland Asia). There are four species of Babirusa, and all of them are declared endangered.


Baboons are very aggressive, and one of the largest non-humanoid primates found all over Africa as well as the Arabian Peninsula. Baboons are omnivores, but unlike their primate relatives are pretty efficient hunters being not just limited to insects, fish, and shellfish but also birds, hares, smaller monkeys & antelopes.

At the same time, they also fall victim to a wide variety of Predators like Hyenas, Nile crocodiles, and Large Cats.


Badgers are short-legged omnivore animals named so probably because of a white stripe common in some shape or size in all species of badgers resembling a badge. There are 4 subfamilies, and 11 species of Badgers found all-over the world. Like appearance and habitat, their diet is also varying with the species.

As omnivores, they will eat anything they can find from small insects to rodents to birds. European Badgers are a known predator of hedgehogs in the region. Honey Badgers have a notorious appetite that composes of venomous snakes.


Bandicoots are marsupials with rodent-like appearance. They are mostly herbivores that grow anywhere from 28 to 81cm (0.2 to 1.6kg), possessing a long snout which they use to sniff out food but occasionally will also ingest small insects. Bandicoots are easy pickings for predators, so they have a very short lifespan. They are found in Australia and the surrounding islands (Oceania).


Barbs used to be identified as a type of Barbels, but not anymore. It is a tiny type of Actinopterygii (ray-finned fishes) found all over South America, Africa, the Arabic Peninsula, and Asia. Despite not growing over 7cm or so, they are natural hunters to smaller fishes. Their hunting tactics and rows of teeth have also earned them the name of ‘freshwater shark.’


Over 70 species of Barnacles exist in the world, quickly spotted rocky shores or ship docks. They are crustaceans like crabs and lobsters, which you can tell from their hard shells. Barnacles only develop hard shells in their adulthood, so they move around as a defenseless larva until they find a good spot where it will remain for the rest of its life. They feed upon planktons, which they sweep with their fan-like feet. Barnacles, for us, thus are the weirdest animal names that start with the letter B.


Barracuda is one of the most famous, or should we say infamous fishes on our list. It has over 28 species found in tropical regions’ salt waters. They live up to their fearsome appearances of elongated snake-like body and large jaws filled with sharp fang-like teeth. Their body allows them to speed burst at around 27 miles per hour to overtake, injure, and kill their prey. Barracudas are opportunistic hunters who will eat prey as big as themselves by taking one big bite at a time like Piranhas. Barracudas have almost the same notoriety as piranhas and sharks and thus is one of the most dangerous fish, at least among animals that start with B.


Basilisks refer to a group of all four species of lizards under the Genus, Basiliscus. These Lizards are perhaps most famous for their ability to walk on water. The lizards under this Genus can walk on water for only a few seconds due to their speed, which can reach 1.5 meters in a second. For this, they are even called the Jesus Lizard or Jesus Christ Lizard. Aren’t they one of the most exciting interesting animals that start with B?

(Note: They are not to be confused with basilisk from the European legends which were reptilian beings associated with bad omen)


A wide variety of both freshwater and marine fishes with a perch-like appearance is characterized as a bass. There are generally three types of bass; Black bass, Temperate Bass, and Asian Seabass. All kinds of Bass have a carnivorous diet and are a trendy food item and game fishes. It seems as though all fishes under this list of animals that start with B are popular, doesn’t it?


Bats are unique animals whose forelimbs act as wings making them the only mammals with the ability of true sustained flight. There is a total of over a staggering 1200 species of bat, which makes them the largest group among the mammals occupying 20% of all classified mammal population. Bats are the only species or one of the very few ones, gifted with many physical abilities echolocation, magnetoreception (among smaller species), and Thermoregulation.


Bears are classified scientifically as ‘carnivoran’ rather than omnivorous animals. 8 different species of Bears are found in Eurasia and the Americas. Their diet depends upon their habitat and species. Giant Panda and a Polar Bear are the two ends in the spectrum of the Bear diet. Bears excluding the polar bear are opportunistic hunters who will only momentarily consume flesh outside of fish.


Our very first semi-aquatic rodent on the list, Beavers, is the second-largest animal in the world. Beavers are known as natural builders who build dams, canals, and lodges for their shelter. There are 2 species according to their habitat; North-American and Eurasian Beaver. Water bodies inhabited by Beavers are known to get cleaner. Beavers are herbivores that eat aquatic and terrestrial vegetation. There is a widespread misconception that they eat fish.


Bees are one of the most important animals on the planet. Over 16,000 known species of bees play an immeasurable role in pollination and reproduction of plant life of the whole world. Thus they are not just the most important animals that start with B but one of the most important animals in general.

Bees are also famous for the production of honey and wax, which is why a large number of bees in the world are categorized as farm animals that are raised in farms to produce honey. Bees are solitary as well but mostly communal.


We generally do not include Insects into our lists, but the Beetle, like the bee, is a very important organism in the Animal Kingdom. With over 400,000 known species, Beetles make up for 40% of the insects and 25% of all animals in the ecology. Beetles play an essential part in our eco-system with their wide variety of diverse actions.

While some beetles prove fruitful in life-cycle eating plants, fungi, clearing dead animals, and vegetation, others are also known to be pests that destroy harvests. We shall hopefully talk about them in more detail in the future, but time is of the essence right now. We still have other animal names that start with the letter B in the list.


Binturong or Bearcat is a scarce animal found in a limited region of South and South-east Asia. They have been listed as vulnerable animals by the IUCN because their numbers have been reduced to about 30% since the 80s. Binturongs are omnivores active in both day and night and will eat fruits, insects, earthworms, fish, birds, and small mammals.


The Bison may be called as a buffalo or American buffalo, and it is a very close relative to buffaloes. However, it falls at a completely different sub-tribe, the American Bison belonging to sub-tribe Bovina and a distinct species. American Bison once roamed all over the modern-day USA in great numbers from New York to sightings as south as Florida. However, their numbers have greatly declined over the years at one point, even reaching a highly concerning rate due to commercial hunting. Keep reading our list of animals that start with B to learn more about the Bison’s similar relative, the buffalo.


We have already talked about Anacondas in animal names starting with A; now, we will speak of their closest relative in the serpent family. Boa or Boa constrictor is also a large-body non-venomous snake-like Anacondas found in Mexico, Central & South America. There are two species and numerous sub-species. Like anacondas, boas also constrict (hence the name boa constrictor) their prey and then swallow them whole.


Boars or Wild Boars are native to Eurasia, North Africa & Greater Sunda Islands, but now different species of boars can be found in various other regions. There are 16 different species of boars around the world. They were artificially introduced around the world, mostly because wild boars are acclaimed game animals to hunt. However, in most cases, wild boars multiplied in numbers quickly and now are known as an invasive species.


Bobcats, also called lynx due to their scientific names (Lynx Rufus), are medium-sized cats native to North America. It is found from Canada to Mexico in different habitats swamps, forests, countryside, wooded areas, and semi-desserts. Their highly adaptive predatory nature allows them to survive in all kinds of habitats. Bobcats hunt hares, rabbits, and various rodents. They will feed more when prey is abundant but can also go for extended periods without food.


We are not just discussing a specific buffalo, but the entire sub-tribe family of buffaloes called Bubalina. Buffaloes are wild, but since they are a popular source of food and livestock for humans, much of the present buffalo population are domestic. There are two genera of buffalo, which are; Asiatic (Bubalus) and African (Syncerus).


Over 20,000 species of insects within 7 sub-families are collectively known as butterflies. Butterfly typically grows in 4 stages, Eggs, which transform into larvae called a caterpillar, which will continue to eat and grow until it reaches the Pupa stage where it forms a cocoon around itself to fully transform into a butterfly. Butterfly comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. The color they use for many purposes, including camouflage, mimicry, and aposematism.


Last but not least on our list of animals that start with the letter B is the Buzzard. Certain species of buzzard are also called hawks, and they might be called both. So, if you do not see a hawk on our list of animal names that start with H, then you can always come here for the info.

16 sub-species so far are identified as buzzards, but many people are still disputing it with different authors giving their own views on the taxonomy. They are mostly native to America and thus are found in diverse species there. Buzzards are a distinctive type of raptor birds which mostly plumage for food. They are partial migrants and would migrate even individually for various reasons, from weather to the scarcity of food.

Table of Animals That Start With The Letter B

Animals That Start With The Letter B Phylum Class Scientific Name Life Span
Babirusa Chordata Mammalia Babyrousa Maximum 10 years in the Wild & 24 years in captivity
Baboon Chordata Mammalia Papio Average of 30 years in wild and well over 45 years in captivity
Badger Chordata Mammalia Mustelidae Up to 14-15 years in the Wild

Honey Badgers easily survive around 24 years in captivity

Bandicoot Chordata Mammalia


Permeles Removing the possibility of predators, they can live for anywhere from 3 to 7 years
Barb Chordata Actinopterygii Barbus Barbus 3-7 years average in wild

5-10 years in captivity

Barnacle Arthropoda Maxillopoda Cirripedia


Average 5-10 years (Larger species typically live for a lot longer)
Barracuda Chordata Actinopterygii Sphyraena Differs from species to species; A Great Barracuda lives for at least 14 years. Barracudas risky lifestyle and popular targets as food and game reduces their lifestyle greatly
Basilisks Chordata Reptilia Basiliscus 7 years in captivity, even lesser in wild
Bass Chordata Actinopterygii Perciformes


Species like Largemouth Bass, on average, live for around 16 years, but they can comfortably live over 20 years too. They are very popular as food and game fishing.
Bat Chordata Mammalia Chiroptera


Average of 20 years, they may live well over 30 years in captivity. They have pretty high life expectancy despite small body sizes
Bear Chordata Mammalia Ursidae


Different as per species; Pandas live up to 20 years on average, Brown Bears live from anywhere between 20-40 years, and Black Bears survive for 18 years in captivity and well over 23 in Wild
Beaver Chordata Mammalia Castor

C. fiber (Eurasian)

C. Canadensis

(N. American)

10-15 years in the wild and over 20 years in captivity
Bee Arthropoda Insecta Anthophila Far too many species of bees exist showing different amounts of lifespans. Lifespans vary among species, status, environment, and weather among external threats like a human intervention.
Beetle Arthropoda Insecta Coleoptera Like Bees, Beetles are even more diverse to be able to estimate a lifespan for the entire order of Beetles.
Binturong Chordata Mammalia Arctictis Maximum 25 years in the wild and over 25 years in captivity
Bison Chordata Mammalia Bison Bison the average lifespan of about 15 years
Boa Chordata Mammalia Boa Constrictor

Boa Pelophilus

20-30 years on average, over 40 years in captivity
Boar Chordata Mammalia Sus Scrofa If they live for longer than 4-5 years in the wild, their average lifespan is 10-14years, but in captivity, they can easily live longer than 20 years
Bobcat Chordata Mammalia Lynx Rufus 7 years on average, they rarely live over 10 years, but a captive bobcat lived to a record of 32 years
Buffalo Chordata Mammalia Bubalina


African and Asian Buffaloes live from 18-20 years but may well live over 30 years
Butterfly Arthropoda Insecta Rhopalocera


Depends upon species, but if we were to ballpark, the majority of Butterflies have an average lifespan of 1 or 2 months. That being said, small common butterflies you will see in your garden/backyard probably live for 1 or 2 weeks while species like Mourning Cloak and Painted Lady live for 11 and 12 months, respectively.
Buzzard Chordata Aves Buteo Young Buzzards are vulnerable to prey and starvation. If they survive till maturity, their average lifespan of 8 years. The oldest Buzzard recorded lived for 25 years and 8 months. Larger species like the Turkey Vulture will live over 16 years average in the wild and over 30 years in captivity

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